Thursday, 30 April 2009

Not a happy Bunny !!

I think this title is the understatement of the century.

Today was the much dreaded appointment with the maxiofacial surgeons. Despite trying for an early night, I didnt sleep a wink last night, thoughts were running through my head swinging between blind terror and the wonderful thought of pearly white teeth that didnt hurt. If only life was that simple.

I spent the morning killing time as the clock hands moved slowly to the appointed hour. Oh how many times i picked up the phone to cancel, I lost count, wondered if they would believe I had contracted swine flu !!!! although by this time i did have a bad case of the "screaming abdabs" and had to lock myself in the loo for an hour, and my head was pounding too.

Arrived at the hospital car park in good time and chain smoked four ciggies to steady my nerves, then lightheaded from no food and too much nicotine I wobbled over to the dentistry department.

It was actually quite nice in there, no indication of the tortures that went on behind the closed doors, comfy chairs, decent mags, water cooler, and not a drill to be heard (i found out why later).

First stop was x-ray department, not scarey ar all, apart from the fact that it was a trainee doing it, and she nearly ripped my head off when she got me clamped in the machine, then hit the raise button !!! still my ears are still there, just a bit pink lol. You have to do a big cheesy grin when they take the x-ray so they get a good view, I looked at mine afterwards, and I looked like Wallace out of Wallace and Grommit around the mouth.

Then off to see the surgeon. Apart from the fact that she looked about 16 !!! she was a sweet little thing we had a chat and discussed my problems. She then dropped the first bombshell !!!

All they do is remove the required teeth in order to treat the infected jawbone. They dont do fillings, replace teeth or make bridges to fill the gaps they have made, for this i need to see my own dentist !!!

Bombshell 2: they cant do it by general anesthetic because of my heart condition, it is too risky. It will be done in theatre by local anesthetic, with anethetists and cardiologists on standby just in case.

Bombshell 3: they expect to call me back quickly for the treatment (within 3 months)!!!!! I would hate to see slow !!!

Bombshell 4: A total of 10 teeth need to be removed in order for them to clear the bone infection, including 3 roots which require cutting and stitching.

Bombshell 5: when all of the above is done and the healing complete, only then can I think of getting a bridge to span the gaps.

So now you know why I am not such a happy bunny today.

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