Thursday, 30 April 2009

Not a happy Bunny !!

I think this title is the understatement of the century.

Today was the much dreaded appointment with the maxiofacial surgeons. Despite trying for an early night, I didnt sleep a wink last night, thoughts were running through my head swinging between blind terror and the wonderful thought of pearly white teeth that didnt hurt. If only life was that simple.

I spent the morning killing time as the clock hands moved slowly to the appointed hour. Oh how many times i picked up the phone to cancel, I lost count, wondered if they would believe I had contracted swine flu !!!! although by this time i did have a bad case of the "screaming abdabs" and had to lock myself in the loo for an hour, and my head was pounding too.

Arrived at the hospital car park in good time and chain smoked four ciggies to steady my nerves, then lightheaded from no food and too much nicotine I wobbled over to the dentistry department.

It was actually quite nice in there, no indication of the tortures that went on behind the closed doors, comfy chairs, decent mags, water cooler, and not a drill to be heard (i found out why later).

First stop was x-ray department, not scarey ar all, apart from the fact that it was a trainee doing it, and she nearly ripped my head off when she got me clamped in the machine, then hit the raise button !!! still my ears are still there, just a bit pink lol. You have to do a big cheesy grin when they take the x-ray so they get a good view, I looked at mine afterwards, and I looked like Wallace out of Wallace and Grommit around the mouth.

Then off to see the surgeon. Apart from the fact that she looked about 16 !!! she was a sweet little thing we had a chat and discussed my problems. She then dropped the first bombshell !!!

All they do is remove the required teeth in order to treat the infected jawbone. They dont do fillings, replace teeth or make bridges to fill the gaps they have made, for this i need to see my own dentist !!!

Bombshell 2: they cant do it by general anesthetic because of my heart condition, it is too risky. It will be done in theatre by local anesthetic, with anethetists and cardiologists on standby just in case.

Bombshell 3: they expect to call me back quickly for the treatment (within 3 months)!!!!! I would hate to see slow !!!

Bombshell 4: A total of 10 teeth need to be removed in order for them to clear the bone infection, including 3 roots which require cutting and stitching.

Bombshell 5: when all of the above is done and the healing complete, only then can I think of getting a bridge to span the gaps.

So now you know why I am not such a happy bunny today.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Farewell to the Ozone Layer !!!

It was with some trepidation that I read the news this week that Orlistat (aka xenacol) the magical fat shifting pill is from today freely available from your chemist , without prescription, at the exorbitant price of £49.00 per months supply. This miracle pill wraps any fat contained in your food and rushes it through your digestive system at such a rate that you lose weight just by doing a sub 4 minute mile in order to reach the bathroom in time lol.

Did you know that if you tie a bit of pork fat to a length of string and feed it to a duck, it passes straight through, the next duck then eats it and it does the same, so that is how to make a living duck necklace (no I didnt try it, but I know a man who did) Anyway same effect as this fat busting pill if you get my drift. Did they consider the effect all this build up of gas would have on our planet?

Budget day today, I havent as yet analysed what the Darling man has done to my living expenses. I did get a rise in benefits this month, and it was quickly eaten up by the rise in rent, so no better off there, thank you.

The garden is looking lovely, neat and tidy and I am hunting for new green shoots every morning. The greenhouse is a great success and the tomatoes and peppers are springing up, and the weeds are also growing like weeds !!!!! Matt has cut back and cleared the front garden so I can now see out of the kitchen window again, but he now does a morning patrol and is becoming a young Victor Meldrew as he keeps coming in ranting that he has found another crisp packet or choc wrapper.

Went to the council dump today and got rid of a lot of paraphanelia from the shed, so that is almost clear now. It was really funny to see the council workmen being so helpful and sorting the stuff as we got it out of the car. Admittedly some of it ended up in the rubbish bays, but most of it was salted away into neat piles for their own profit !!! I was really sick to see the vehicle in front of me unloading a lovely brass bedstead which the workers were ever so obliging in helping him with, needless to say that didnt go over the wall into the rubbish bay either lol.

Hopefully my computer is now working tip top again, it has been quite sick for the past week, I got my pet engineers on the job this morning, and it only took them 3 hours to sort (2 hours 45 mins to repair the problems I had created trying to mend it, and 15 mins to sort the underlying problem). Its so reassuring to have them just a click away for when I get in a muddle, and worth every penny I pay them. (which isn't much!!!!)

Got home and even hoovered the car, in preparation for its shampoo tomorrow) and did a load of washing, so I am whacked now.

More ramblings soon take care xxxx

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

I wish it was time to get up

Dont you just hate it when everyone is asleep except you ? Its 2.24 a.m. I have been to bed three times and not slept a wink yet. Raging toothache, angina and coughing fits, if I was a horse they would shoot me, in fact I might just shoot myself and save them the trouble.

The toothache is an ongoing problem, due to the fact that my diabetes is so out of control, I get abcesses. I have had several in my mouth, with the result that the infection has damaged the jawbone and given me a few wiggly teeth. I have an appointment with the maxiofacial surgeons at the end of the month and hopefully they will knock me out and do what is required while I am oblivious, my fear of dentists is a very real and terrible thing.

Darling son returned from his house/cat sitting today (he got paid in Easter eggs Grrrrr ) expecting to see the fence painted and ready for erecting. Oh no it wasnt lol. He gave me one of his withering looks when I explained that I couldnt get the lid off the paint, but I did redeem myself by showing him all the trays of seeds that are adorning the windowsills. Anyway feeling masterful, he did attempt to give me a lesson on opening plastic 5 litre paint pots, I murmered appreciatively whilst slyly watching Jeremy Kyle.

Tomorrow, well its today really, is supposed to be wonderful weather, perfect for having a fence erecting day, I might even fire up the BBQ in celebration and make it a real event, might as well add food poisoning to the festivities.

Mum is off out for the day with the wicked witches (her 3 sisters) so no doubt I will get regaled with tales of how many times they nearly tipped her out of her chair, and how clumsy they are, in fact all the things she moans at me for. She told me that when she is being pushed she has to clench the cheeks of her bum very tightly to stop herself falling out !!!!! (surely its safer to hold the arm rests, bless her.

The pills have kicked in now, so I am going to try and get a couple of hours kip before the sparrows start coughing their way through the dawn chorus. Take care my lovely friends xxx

Monday, 13 April 2009

No The Fence is Still Not Painted

The best laid plans, I tried to paint the fence panels. honestly I did, but couldnt get the lid off the paint !!! so I brought them indoors so they kept dry for son to do when he gets back from cat sitting.

The cat sitting has been an ongoing fiasco, he went on Friday late afternoon, so I locked the doors, had a long soak and a pampering session it was bliss. I then got a call requesting playstation, food and ciggies on Saturday morning, so had to change out of my comfy nightie and dressing gown to run errand of mercy, then to top it all he popped home last night for tea and sugar (no wonder I darent have a love life) .

This is the first year I have attempted to plan my garden without the help of a dog. My German Shepherd was adept at weeding, in fact if it was green she would remove it !!! so this year I have no excuse not to have a pretty as a picture garden, I might even sell pictures for chocolate boxes. one thing I must remember is to leave a patch of dandelions and chickweed as the canary loves it so much.

The sun is trying to break through now, but it is still very chilly, if it warms up I may go and potter, if not i will sow a few more seeds in trays for the windowsill and just slummock around watching crap bank holiday TV.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Where did the sun go !

Yesterday we had clear blue skies and temperatures of 18 C , today we have normal grey overcast Bank holiday weather.

Did some more clearing of weeds yesterday and had a trip to the garden centre. I needed to repair my raised beds, and found some ideal log roll edging just tall enough to save me having to bend pictures will be published later (of the garden, not my backside tending the plants) . At the moment they are being painted with blue cuprinol to weatherproof them and make them look girlie and pretty. I also bought some mixed sweet pea seeds and Jalapino peppers to go with the sweet peppers and tomatoes which are waiting to germinate. See pretty plants too lol. The tomato seeds were a gift from mum, she put them in 2 envelopes labeled "big ones" and "little plums" the mind boggles !!!

Bedding plants I will beg borrow and steal of various aunts and uncles, I have no plans, just love to see a riot of colour, and so what if there is a cabbage onion or leek shoved in amongst them lol.

I am hoping that this grey day dosent turn to drizzle, so I can get out and finish painting the edging, be good to get it done so that Matt can put it up when he gets back from his house and cat sitting (goodness its quiet here).

Anyway I must away to see mother and see what pearls of wisdom she is dishing out today. Be back soon xxx

more ramblings !!!

Due to popular demand and a serious sense of boredom I have decided to restart blogging. Since AOL decided to remove the blog from their service I became demotivated, and now wish so much that I had saved my original 2 years of ramblings, but hey ho, no point blubbering over it now.

I am now into my third year of leisure, and it looks like I have been written off as regards working again, but now that all the benefits and insurances are in place life is not too bad, only thing is I seem to be having so many bad days that I dont get out much.

A brief history of my illness, then I will say no more about it. I have cardio-pulmonary disease, unstable angina, a non existant thyroid function, diabetes and the most disabling condition chronic arthritis. I was admitted to hospital in December 2007 for a minor heart repair which resulted in a massive heart attack 6 hours after getting home (the paramedics were lovely) I was then in coronary intensive care for 2 weeks while I fretted as to how to get my christmas shopping and worrying that they would sell out of turkeys !!!!

I live with my son who is also my carer, and an aging canary called charlie who still lights up my life by singing joyfully every day. I would love another kitten, but the thought of it outliving me puts me off. My disabled mum also plays a large part in my life, she is a absolute tartar, a cross between Hyacinth Bucket and the mad granny out of the Royle Family, but of course I love her dearly.

Easter weekend has heralded the need to get the garden sorted and son has already broken the rake, the brush and removed everything green !!!! he has also removed my 30 foot lilac tree and left it in the garden for a week before shredding it, so my tiny garden was unaccessible. I now have a 6ft pile of shredded tree waiting to be used as mulch. We had a taste of summer this week, and the nights are now drawing out, cant wait for the nice weather, it makes me feel so much better.

This year I am promising myself a grand tour of the UK, first stop will be glorious Devon where I have a long overdue visit to a lovely lady Heather, from there I will play it by air, several on line friends have offered me accommodation, so I intend to just drive and stop off where the fancy takes me. I got a new car last June and so far I have only managed 1700 miles, so I think a long run will do us both good.

Yesterday, my plans for this easter weekend were originally to be bed, painkillers and icecream, but today I feel quite
a lot better. My fingers are loosening up and I can at least type again. Might even face the bank holiday traffic and go for a trip to the seaside.

Anyway that is the boring catch up done, I hope my next post will give someone a smile take care xxx