Friday, 10 April 2009

Where did the sun go !

Yesterday we had clear blue skies and temperatures of 18 C , today we have normal grey overcast Bank holiday weather.

Did some more clearing of weeds yesterday and had a trip to the garden centre. I needed to repair my raised beds, and found some ideal log roll edging just tall enough to save me having to bend pictures will be published later (of the garden, not my backside tending the plants) . At the moment they are being painted with blue cuprinol to weatherproof them and make them look girlie and pretty. I also bought some mixed sweet pea seeds and Jalapino peppers to go with the sweet peppers and tomatoes which are waiting to germinate. See pretty plants too lol. The tomato seeds were a gift from mum, she put them in 2 envelopes labeled "big ones" and "little plums" the mind boggles !!!

Bedding plants I will beg borrow and steal of various aunts and uncles, I have no plans, just love to see a riot of colour, and so what if there is a cabbage onion or leek shoved in amongst them lol.

I am hoping that this grey day dosent turn to drizzle, so I can get out and finish painting the edging, be good to get it done so that Matt can put it up when he gets back from his house and cat sitting (goodness its quiet here).

Anyway I must away to see mother and see what pearls of wisdom she is dishing out today. Be back soon xxx

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  1. its been a crap day here morrisons had some plug plant petunias 24 for 1.99 starting to think about the new season meself,have a good weekend love,take care mort xxx