Tuesday, 14 April 2009

I wish it was time to get up

Dont you just hate it when everyone is asleep except you ? Its 2.24 a.m. I have been to bed three times and not slept a wink yet. Raging toothache, angina and coughing fits, if I was a horse they would shoot me, in fact I might just shoot myself and save them the trouble.

The toothache is an ongoing problem, due to the fact that my diabetes is so out of control, I get abcesses. I have had several in my mouth, with the result that the infection has damaged the jawbone and given me a few wiggly teeth. I have an appointment with the maxiofacial surgeons at the end of the month and hopefully they will knock me out and do what is required while I am oblivious, my fear of dentists is a very real and terrible thing.

Darling son returned from his house/cat sitting today (he got paid in Easter eggs Grrrrr ) expecting to see the fence painted and ready for erecting. Oh no it wasnt lol. He gave me one of his withering looks when I explained that I couldnt get the lid off the paint, but I did redeem myself by showing him all the trays of seeds that are adorning the windowsills. Anyway feeling masterful, he did attempt to give me a lesson on opening plastic 5 litre paint pots, I murmered appreciatively whilst slyly watching Jeremy Kyle.

Tomorrow, well its today really, is supposed to be wonderful weather, perfect for having a fence erecting day, I might even fire up the BBQ in celebration and make it a real event, might as well add food poisoning to the festivities.

Mum is off out for the day with the wicked witches (her 3 sisters) so no doubt I will get regaled with tales of how many times they nearly tipped her out of her chair, and how clumsy they are, in fact all the things she moans at me for. She told me that when she is being pushed she has to clench the cheeks of her bum very tightly to stop herself falling out !!!!! (surely its safer to hold the arm rests, bless her.

The pills have kicked in now, so I am going to try and get a couple of hours kip before the sparrows start coughing their way through the dawn chorus. Take care my lovely friends xxx


  1. you dont get lot of luck hun.pain gets to you after a while take care nina love mort xxx

  2. Yo girl. What you have to do is turn it round and realise that we insomniacs get to experience stuff that others miss out on. I have discovered 'The Dark Lord' Alex. Lester on Radio 2 during the deadly hours and he is amazing, and it is similarly surprising how many people are about at such ungodly hours. Also, I now know why SCOF is written in the dust on the back of my car. See ya. B x