Saturday, 28 January 2012

Hello 2112

Another year gone and a new year almost one month in. I survived christmas, New year, anniversary of the passing of a loved one, and Number one sons birthday, and yes the diet is surviving (just).

I had my first weigh in in January, and was bricking it, but had actually stayed the same, despite the 2 party sized black forest gateau and the array of cheeses we devoured, so I was still quite motivated. Next weigh in is on 9th February, so I am hoping the downward trend will continue at a sensible rate.

Had a follow up appointment at the diabetes centre last week, and my long term blood glucose had reduced from over 14 down to 7.1, so it is offically normal !!!! feedback was excellent, insulin has been reduced further and my longterm plan is to keep reducing it as the weight goes.

Mum continues to fight on, she too had another birthday this month, where she held court for all and sundry. Out came the Hyacinth tea trolley and the bone china tea set (with the blue periwinkles) and muggins here kept the brews flowing.

The weather forecasters are predicting a month of arctic weather to hit us in the next few days, so far we have been quite lucky, obviously it is chilly, well it is winter, but every passing day means spring is closer, and the snowdrops and crocuses will soon be showing themselves in all their glory. Spring and autumn have always been my favourite seasons, I dont like hot and i dont like cold, but love the new growth and colours of those seasons.

So what am I going to do this year? well I have given up hope of finding a man who will put up with me, so I suppose it will be another one of going solo, being a hermit and occasional trips to the coast to watch the world go by, people watching is such a fascinating pastime.

We have the grand national and boat race in april, Wimbledon in June and of course from July the olympics will be on, that takes care of my exercise for the year, as watching them can be so exhausting. I scream through the National (go Onnn my son !) , grunt through the tennis and groan through the Olympics. all very good at burning calories.

I seem to have writers block at the moment, I lie awake at night and think of all the funny things I would like to relay to you, then, when I actually get round to typing my mind goes blank .

I have memories of long gone relatives which warm my heart. My fondest memories are of Auntie Nellie, my nannies twin sister. They were not identical twins, nannie was the pretty one and got married, auntie Nellie was the plain one and went into service. Right up to her death in her 90's she had jet black hair (dyed) in a pudding basin cut, she was 5ft nothing, and looked like Ronnie Corbett. She was a veritable whirlwind, never still, always cleaning or dusting something.

She broke things with gay abandon, and used to stick handles on broken cups with fairy liquid and let it dry till set!!!!! so it was not unusual to get a lap full of hot tea if you drew the wrong cup lol. She had wonderful stories to tell of her growing up years and would tell them to anyone who had the time to listen. She used to come and "do" for us once a week (mainly so mum could ensure she got a decent meal) and I remember one day finding her beating one of my false eyelashes to death with a hearth brush as she had mistaken it for a spider !!! happy days.

I think i may tell more of my disfunctional family at a later date, but had better try and save this as I think a gremlin may be trying to eat it. Hopefully more soon xxxxxx