Monday, 13 April 2009

No The Fence is Still Not Painted

The best laid plans, I tried to paint the fence panels. honestly I did, but couldnt get the lid off the paint !!! so I brought them indoors so they kept dry for son to do when he gets back from cat sitting.

The cat sitting has been an ongoing fiasco, he went on Friday late afternoon, so I locked the doors, had a long soak and a pampering session it was bliss. I then got a call requesting playstation, food and ciggies on Saturday morning, so had to change out of my comfy nightie and dressing gown to run errand of mercy, then to top it all he popped home last night for tea and sugar (no wonder I darent have a love life) .

This is the first year I have attempted to plan my garden without the help of a dog. My German Shepherd was adept at weeding, in fact if it was green she would remove it !!! so this year I have no excuse not to have a pretty as a picture garden, I might even sell pictures for chocolate boxes. one thing I must remember is to leave a patch of dandelions and chickweed as the canary loves it so much.

The sun is trying to break through now, but it is still very chilly, if it warms up I may go and potter, if not i will sow a few more seeds in trays for the windowsill and just slummock around watching crap bank holiday TV.


  1. lol.good to know you been so busy over easter nina.i shall expect pics of the blooming garden later.its been crap weather here.went to wells yesterday and was frozen.take care,love mort xx

  2. Yo Nina, only just caught up with your new blogs. Good to hear you are going travelling. If you call in the Atmospheric Railway PH, don't forget to order a "Dreaded Meat Pie". Take care and keep scribbling. Brian.