Monday, 4 May 2009

Calm and Tranquil

Right I seem to have calmed down enough to think straight again. Typical Bank holiday here, crap TV, chilly grey weather, although the sun is struggling to break through.

I have been somewhat remiss in household matters for the past few days, having just discovered a new thriller author, his name is Simon Beckett. I have just finished reading his book "The Chemistry of Death" and to anyone who loves a good thriller, I recommend you search him out. He kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire read, I suspected everyone and did not have a clue who did it till the last few pages. Cant wait till the 19th of May when his next book hits the shops.

Friday was my appointment with the dietician at the diabetic clinic. I thought it was going to be a complete waste of time, because, I think as we all do, I knew what I should be eating, its just a case of being disciplined enough to do it right. How wrong I was, it was very informative. For the first time since being diagnosed with diabetes 10 years ago I understood how things work. I now understand the Glycaemic Index, and how small changes can make big differences as to how
my body copes with its sugar metabolism. Already I seem to have more energy and my sleep pattern has improved a bit.

I have to keep a diary of my eating habits listing what I ate, recording my blood sugar levels and logging my moods !!! So far it has included porridge, All Bran, brown seeded bread, Yoghurt and lean meats. (I omitted to enter the fact that I made 2 lemon meringue pies yesterday) so Sunday will become Monday on my list, as I have been really good today lol.

Its amazing how crafty you can be with this, I have discovered that if I drink a pint of Stella lager my blood sugars drop alarmingly (means I have to eat jelly babies to boost it again ). I was also suprised to learn that it is better to eat new potatoes instead of the good old standby jacket potato.

I have promised myself that I will try and do a bit of excersice, this is difficult due to the arthritis in my knees and back, but i have so far managed to do buttock clenches whilst sat at my keyboard (nutcrackers) !! I do knee squats while holding onto the worktop while waiting for the kettle to boil (Dr Gillian says they are good for getting your bowels going) mind you with the All Bran this might be a squat too far.

Although I appreciate that all this is serious stuff, I am not by nature a disciplined person, rules are meant, like chocolate, to be adjusted to suit life, but I must be doing something right as my long term blood sugars are reducing, and I have even lost a few pounds

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  1. good for you take care,love mort xx