Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Well Hello again folks, Its been 4 weeks since my last confession, er I mean blog, and its been quite eventful. I got the date for my MRI scan, wrote it in my diary, and then managed to arrive a day late !!!! I seem to be getting dyslexic over dates too. They were very good about it, but I now have to wait for another appointment. Yesterday was my follow up appointment at the Diabetic Clinic, or so I thought. Arrived at 8:30 am went in, had blood test, endured the horror of sitting on the scales ! small mercies, I had only put on 1 lb, i felt it was more like 1 stone lol. Peed in an inappropriately small bottle, and then went back to waiting room till nurse was ready. One hour later, still sitting there, when the doctor came out, he said he had looked at my notes, and I should have been booked in for a full annual review, not just a follow up appointment, and did I mind waiting a bit. Of course I smiled nicely at him and said, no that was fine. So back in to see the nurse for the allotted armful of blood, she whispered in confidence that my pee sample showed both blood and leucocytes so could I do another one for the laboratory, I did a deal, and said if she kept me supplied with tea I would try lol. Next stop was to have the back of my eyes photographed, and an eye test. I dont know what his title was, but his name was Daniel, and he had the cutest bum (hard to concentrate on the eye chart) but oh so easy to gaze into HIS eyes, while fluttering my eyelashes at him, as the eyedrops he had administered were making me look like Bambi on speed ! huge dilated pupils very sexy lol. Back once more to the waiting room to to await the Consultant, 2 hours later still waiting, and watching the morning sunshine turn to grey drizzle, mind you that could have been the eyedrops, because everyone was looking a bit fuzzy by then, and actually it improved most of them. Finally got called in to the consultant, who apologised profusely and then started poking and prodding me. Apparently my body is now producing NO insulin, so I am now on two different kinds to see if that will help, my blood sugars are still poorly controlled, and the nerve damage is increasing. very little feeling now below the knees which is a tad worrying. he has arranged for another cardiology visit too and a visit to the respiratory clinic to blow in things, and squeeze balls (no I didnt understand that bit either) Anyway signed up for another 12 months at the Intensive Therapy clinic (oh joy) and back to the waiting room. Finally went in to see the diabetic nurse who explained the new insulin regime, and given instructions to phone her on Fridays with the results of my readings. Escaped at 2:15 and headed home to find 4 messages from mum wanting to know how I got on !!!!! So here I am, no further on than I was 12 months ago, still in intensive therapy, lets just hope things change this time. Loving this weather, managed to get mum out quite a bit, and been playing wheelchair hokey cokey more than I would wish, her wheelchair is a modern lightweight one, but still heavy for an old wreck like me to hump in and out of the boot. Last week she decided she needed to get a new gas fire, typical now that summer is coming (and she does have full central heating). We set off, first to Library (chair in and out) then to the garden centre (chair in and out) then to Argos (yes in and out again) then 20 yards down road to Sainsburys, (you getting the picture?) came out of Sainsburys and she said maybe she wouldnt bother with fire today, as SHE WAS TIRED !!! oh I love her so much.