Monday, 7 November 2011


Well here we are again, summer has been and gone and the leaves are turning into glorious autumn colours. Its been a quiet few months with nothing of note happening to blog about, and there is nothing worse than a load of drivel with no news so I decided to give it a rest and hope I would bounce back in order to give my few fans a smile or two.

OK so I guess the time is right for a catch up. This summer we have had another wedding (again not mine ) but a glorious day nevertheless. It was out in the country and of course in preparation mum and I had to do a reccee a couple of weeks before in order to get our bearings for the big day. We did quite well, only getting lost a few times, it did get a bit scary when one road we travelled down got more and more narrow and grass appeared in the middle of the tarmac, but it was very pretty. Ended up finding a huge garden centre and doing out favourite pastime, lunching.

Wedding morning dawned and we set off, mum in her buttermilk suit and me in a fetching navy patterned dress and shrug and very expensive shoes (with heels) Unfortunately the only parking available was a huge field, freshly mown, at the back of the church. I hopped out and got the wheelchair from the boot and straightaway caught my heel in long stalks of grass with teasels and brambles and went arse over tit. Managed to get mother into the chair and then found it impossible to drag the chair the few feet to the church pathway (which was gravel) grrrr. Fortunately other guests were arriving and several strong men came to the rescue and carried mum and chair, sedan chair style, onto firmer ground. A lovely day was had by all, excellent company, lovely food and non stop booze, and if it hadnt been for my back progressively seizing up I may even have had a smooch or two.

The new car is running well, and is very economical after the Focus, mum and I have had many jaunts around the county all ending in lunch somewhere, and I hope to continue these trips as often as the weather allows, so if the sun is out hopefully we will be too.

My latest trip to the diabetic clinic was quite an eye opener, in addition to the 2 types of insulin I am on they decided to put me on slow release metformin as my blood sugars are still way too high. Apparently insulin is responsible for weight gain, and I was on massive doses (100 ml 3 times a day) plus 100 ml Levimir a slow acting insulin at night which means 4 pricks a day !!!!
but to my credit I had managed to lose 7 lbs. Since being on the new tablets my blood sugars have come down a lot, and I am reducing my insulin already down between 40 and 50ml a dose and this has given me the incentive to DIET !!!!

I saw Maxine the diabetic practitioner at my surgery and had a chat to her before embarking on this new diet. She is a big girl herself, and was so encouraging I arranged to see her again in a month, and that month was up today. Guess what, I have lost 9 lbs so in total 16 pounds. I feel really proud, 9 pounds may not seem much but its over 2lb a week and I have been eating very sensibly, even having occasional treats.

I am hoping to try and up my excercise but its very difficult with the heart problems and the arthritis, but keep telling myself that the more weight i shift, the less strain for my joints, so at the moment I am feeling very positive.

Well thats me done for now, I hope to find some funny snippets for you in the weeks to come, because even I find it hard to type and eat at the same time