Sunday, 21 March 2010


Now where do I start ? probably by hoping you all had a happy christmas and New year, as it has been that long since I posted. Several reasons for this, main one being that my health is deteriorating rapidly, all 7 of my cervical vertebrae have crumbled, causing a bone nodule to press on a nerve and giving me tremendous pain 24/7. I am now waiting for an MRI scan which they are wary of doing because i have metal stents in my heart, and the last thing i need is for them to move !!!

So what with this I have been stuck indoors, am losing my confidence for travelling any distance, I fear being taken ill in a strange town if I go too far. There are so many things need doing, the garden is a mess, the house needs decorating, but good news is I am getting a new bathroom soon. (hope its more straightforward than mums).

Still the warmer weather is just around the corner, and hopefully i will be able to go out in the sun and feel better for it. At the moment I am a facebook addict, and am busy farming and catching up with old friends from my schooldays, we all seem to be turning into old crocks.

Of course warm weather means more outings with mum and the hilarity that always provides. She is doing well really considering what she has gone through, only physio appointments now for the next 12 months, and is cooking gourmet meals for one, she is now back up to a decent weight, as i discovered when I had to pick her up off the floor on a few occasions recently but fortunately only her pride was bruised, no bones broken.

Tomorrow I will be off to the garden centre to get a few seeds to start off in the greenhouse, last years sweet pea display was glorious, I so love flowers indoors, and i hope to have a riot of colour in the bedding plants.

Time to go now, I really will try to get my mind back into blogging, as it is great therapy