Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Farewell to the Ozone Layer !!!

It was with some trepidation that I read the news this week that Orlistat (aka xenacol) the magical fat shifting pill is from today freely available from your chemist , without prescription, at the exorbitant price of £49.00 per months supply. This miracle pill wraps any fat contained in your food and rushes it through your digestive system at such a rate that you lose weight just by doing a sub 4 minute mile in order to reach the bathroom in time lol.

Did you know that if you tie a bit of pork fat to a length of string and feed it to a duck, it passes straight through, the next duck then eats it and it does the same, so that is how to make a living duck necklace (no I didnt try it, but I know a man who did) Anyway same effect as this fat busting pill if you get my drift. Did they consider the effect all this build up of gas would have on our planet?

Budget day today, I havent as yet analysed what the Darling man has done to my living expenses. I did get a rise in benefits this month, and it was quickly eaten up by the rise in rent, so no better off there, thank you.

The garden is looking lovely, neat and tidy and I am hunting for new green shoots every morning. The greenhouse is a great success and the tomatoes and peppers are springing up, and the weeds are also growing like weeds !!!!! Matt has cut back and cleared the front garden so I can now see out of the kitchen window again, but he now does a morning patrol and is becoming a young Victor Meldrew as he keeps coming in ranting that he has found another crisp packet or choc wrapper.

Went to the council dump today and got rid of a lot of paraphanelia from the shed, so that is almost clear now. It was really funny to see the council workmen being so helpful and sorting the stuff as we got it out of the car. Admittedly some of it ended up in the rubbish bays, but most of it was salted away into neat piles for their own profit !!! I was really sick to see the vehicle in front of me unloading a lovely brass bedstead which the workers were ever so obliging in helping him with, needless to say that didnt go over the wall into the rubbish bay either lol.

Hopefully my computer is now working tip top again, it has been quite sick for the past week, I got my pet engineers on the job this morning, and it only took them 3 hours to sort (2 hours 45 mins to repair the problems I had created trying to mend it, and 15 mins to sort the underlying problem). Its so reassuring to have them just a click away for when I get in a muddle, and worth every penny I pay them. (which isn't much!!!!)

Got home and even hoovered the car, in preparation for its shampoo tomorrow) and did a load of washing, so I am whacked now.

More ramblings soon take care xxxx

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