Friday, 10 April 2009

more ramblings !!!

Due to popular demand and a serious sense of boredom I have decided to restart blogging. Since AOL decided to remove the blog from their service I became demotivated, and now wish so much that I had saved my original 2 years of ramblings, but hey ho, no point blubbering over it now.

I am now into my third year of leisure, and it looks like I have been written off as regards working again, but now that all the benefits and insurances are in place life is not too bad, only thing is I seem to be having so many bad days that I dont get out much.

A brief history of my illness, then I will say no more about it. I have cardio-pulmonary disease, unstable angina, a non existant thyroid function, diabetes and the most disabling condition chronic arthritis. I was admitted to hospital in December 2007 for a minor heart repair which resulted in a massive heart attack 6 hours after getting home (the paramedics were lovely) I was then in coronary intensive care for 2 weeks while I fretted as to how to get my christmas shopping and worrying that they would sell out of turkeys !!!!

I live with my son who is also my carer, and an aging canary called charlie who still lights up my life by singing joyfully every day. I would love another kitten, but the thought of it outliving me puts me off. My disabled mum also plays a large part in my life, she is a absolute tartar, a cross between Hyacinth Bucket and the mad granny out of the Royle Family, but of course I love her dearly.

Easter weekend has heralded the need to get the garden sorted and son has already broken the rake, the brush and removed everything green !!!! he has also removed my 30 foot lilac tree and left it in the garden for a week before shredding it, so my tiny garden was unaccessible. I now have a 6ft pile of shredded tree waiting to be used as mulch. We had a taste of summer this week, and the nights are now drawing out, cant wait for the nice weather, it makes me feel so much better.

This year I am promising myself a grand tour of the UK, first stop will be glorious Devon where I have a long overdue visit to a lovely lady Heather, from there I will play it by air, several on line friends have offered me accommodation, so I intend to just drive and stop off where the fancy takes me. I got a new car last June and so far I have only managed 1700 miles, so I think a long run will do us both good.

Yesterday, my plans for this easter weekend were originally to be bed, painkillers and icecream, but today I feel quite
a lot better. My fingers are loosening up and I can at least type again. Might even face the bank holiday traffic and go for a trip to the seaside.

Anyway that is the boring catch up done, I hope my next post will give someone a smile take care xxx


  1. yayyy,you're was your journal that got me started as a journal writer so i am glad to see you have joined us here on blogspot.i shall add a link to yours when i next can also post on facebook,on your profile,up top of page is settings,go in there,add link,add the url to your blog and will then show up on yourr facebook profile.hope you have a good easter nina,take care,love mort xxxx

  2. Welcome back, Nina, good to see you posting again

  3. I came by at the suggestion of Mort.
    I'm sorry you are in pain, but pain killers, bed & ice cream does make me smile ;-), though I must admit I've never tried the combo. ~Mary


  5. Hi Nina,

    Came via Mort.

    Hope you are doing well and having a great weekend.



  6. I came by way of Mort nice to meet you.

    Have a good weekend


  7. Hi Nina, Just wanted to say hi sonce my good buddy Mort mentioned you. Lucy