Thursday, 10 December 2009


All I can do is apologise, last post was July, and a lot has happened since. I was about to commit to the horrors of dental surgery and thank goodness that is now all done and dusted. I was extremely brave, the surgeons were wonderful and gave me the most wonderful cocktail of sedatives during the operation, that although awake, i really didnt give a damn. Anyway they removed 10 teeth, (all healthy) grrrr split my gum and scrubbed and reamed out all the damaged bone then stitched it all up again. I then got sent to intensive care recovery where my blood pressure dropped to my boots and they had to inject me with magic juice to bring it back up again !!! eventually got back to the ward about 7pm and all I wanted to do was go home, but the computer said "NO"

Now to any readers who know me, I dont take to being told what to do very well, so i told them i needed the bathroom, so they brought me a "lady bottle" these are the mose cumbersome things, which are impossible to use, you might as well just pee the bed !!!! I told them i couldnt use it and they brought me a commode, all well and good. but I cant pee when i am being observed by someone peeping through a curtain who is running the tap and making swishing noises either. By now all my IV drips had finished so i asked them to disconnect me and let me go to the loo in a civilised fashion. After checking my BP, which was back up to normal, they agreed, but with the warning that if I passed out it would be my own fault. I quickly grabbed my clothes and did a runner to the bathroom. Once there, I got my first look in the mirror at the "damages", it was quite scarey, I was bruised, swollen and very gummy, but also very numb still, so i was still determined to go home.

When I got back to my bed I heard one of the nurses on the phone to mum, and she said i would be staying in as I was "disorientated" I shouted NO I AM GOING HOME !!!! and nurse put mother through to talk some sense into me, she didnt succeed either, so I promptly rang big bro and told him to come and get me I would be waiting outside!!!

Oh the joy of getting home to familiar surroundings, i spent the next 10 days lying low, eating slops and became adept at untying my stitches with my tongue!! so didnt need to go back to have them out lol. Six weeks later I booked a dentist, had impressions made, remaining teeth scaled and polished, and now can give a great display of my pearly whites, although I seem to have acquired a cute lisp. Gradually getting used to the new teeth, although i do take them out to eat lol.

Right thats me up to date I think, but as for mother, where do I start? For months I have been going on at her to have one of her bathrooms adapted to a Wet Room, this finally happened last week. I was popping in most days to monitor progress, and every time I arrived the workmen were either standing out front having a fag break, or sitting in her kitchen drinking tea !!!! on several occasions she was banished to the lounge with no electricity for hours at a time and chilled to the bone.

Work finally finished last Friday, so I thought great she will be able to shower in safety, how wrong I was. Apparently the occupational therapists still had to attend to fit seat and grab rails for her, and check the work. They turned up on Tuesday and the list of faults is horrendous. The bathroom was tiled with white tiles, but they left the original cream tiles on the windowsill with half an inch overlapping, so if she slipped chances are she would cut her head open. the waterproof flooring is already coming away from the wall !! the shower curtain is 6 inches too short, the toilet is not the specified high pedestal one, and the cistern is incorrectly fitted and to cap it all the old immersion heater switch is electrically still live. The annoying thing is that the workmen asked us to put in a good word for them, as they liked doing all this council grant work !!!!!

So no grab handles, no seat, and the workmen are back in residence again.

Glad to get that lot off my chest, I am now off Christmas shopping so no doubt the grumpy old woman will be back writing with a vengance soon xxxxxx


  1. glad things went ok with teeth for mum,sounds like she had the brothers of the cowboys that did ours,lol.words fail me as to how these so called professionals ever get work.glad to see you back on blogspot,take care,wishing you and mum a very happy christmas,love mort xxx

  2. It all sounds horrible but it is all behind you now. I do hope your Mum's place gets sorted out by some decent workmen!!!!