Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Bricking it !!!!

Well its nearly time, seem to have spent so much time at the hospital this week, I am considering asking for my own parking space.

Monday was the diabetic clinic, late appointment 4:15 I arrived early as there are a few disabled spaces right outside the department and the short walk makes things much easier for me. As I pulled up a couple came skipping out to their car and I thought great I will get a space quickly. How wrong I was. HE got out and started rummaging about in the back seat. SHE fastened her seatbelt, wound down the windows and started reading the newspaper !!!!! HE then got back in the car with a thermos flask!!!!! SHE unfastened her seatbelt and started rummaging in the back seat, returned to drivers seat with a handbag the size of Wales and started sorting through that, cheque book, pen, diary various coupons, tin opener etc etc. After much discussion HE gets out with note clutched in his hand and wanders off to the cafeteria. Five minutes later he returns with afternoon tea, scones, rolls and more drinks. By now I was glaring at them maliciously as they settled down to enjoy their impromptu picnic, and wondering if I dared hoot at them and give them the hurry up signal. By now the sun was blaring down and it was 28 degrees and my temper was hotting up even faster.

HE then got out of the car and wandered over to me, tea in hand and started a conversation on the merits of my beautiful Ford Focus compared with his piddling little Fiesta, he wanted to know what mileage i got, how it performed !!!! and i grudgingly grunted answers as sweat dripped off the end of my nose. Fortunately another disabled space then became available and I quickly slid into it, just beating another woman who was also heading for it.

Clinic was OK, apart from the doctor running an hour and a half late. I have lost 4kg and my long term blood glucose levels had gone down 4 months in a row so everyone was happy. Discussed forthcoming operation with doctor and she said I need to eat, and suggested Ice Cream (oh joy) I told her I would try and get some down, then stopped at ASDA and bought 8 litres of the stuff lol. finally got back to the car at 6:15 pm. 2 and a half hours later, and discovered the picnickers were just driving off, looking very jolly, having enjoyed their afternoon in the hospital carpark.

Tuesday morning dawned and off i go back to the hospital at silly o clock for my pre op assessment where i was weighed, measured, oxygenated, blood pressured, tested for MRSA, jabbed for blood (twice) and then sent to the other side of the hospital to see the surgeon. I begged him for a general anesthetic, but he said it was too dangerous, and not to worry, it would take a long while, but everything would be explained clearly on the day (like that made me feel better) The Nurse had already told me to eat nothing from midnight and to take half my insulin in the morning, the doctor told me to eat lightly and take all my insulin !!! so i may well be comatose anyway. Big Bro is picking me up at 6:50 am tomorrow morning as I have to be on the ward by 7:15. We will be travelling in style in his scrap lorry complete with wrecked cars ready for him to take to the breakers !!! Dont know when I will be out again, i hoped for same day, but surgeon is doubtful on that one, especially as some of the roots have perforated my sinuses, and apparently if i drink and it comes out of my nose they will have to take me back to theatre to repair that.

Anyway I am trying to keep busy. At the moment I am searching for a slipper, I am sure i have seen it somewhere, but where is a mystery. I also have to go to ASDA pack my bag and do all those last minute things you have to do before going on holiday. Hope to be back soon xxx


  1. I wish you the best. Sounds like a long drawn out affair. Hope you come out a much better and happier feeling person and on the road to recovery.

  2. Wishing you all the best. You did make me laugh at the couple in the car, I know it was not funny for you but it was the way you described it.