Friday, 26 June 2009

Just Call me gummy !!!

At last I have heard from the hospital today and been given the date for my Jaw operation. I go in for pre-op assessment on 7th July and then have the actual work done on the 9th July, so plenty of time for a blind panic, and to find numerous recipies for gruel and similar sloppy food.

I am truly terrified, but so deperate for the pain to stop that I am almost looking forward to the events, although the thought of having to be in there for 7 am in the morning is not so appealing, as i dont normally get dressed much before lunch.

Very short post today, as son is waiting to get on here. I did a wonderful tribute to my dad on Sunday, but unfortunately the computer said NO and decided to delete it !!! No doubt i will be having lots of thoughts over the next week or so, so prepare to get bored rigid xxx

1 comment:

  1. we may be in the same time nina.and i sleep walk.sly wink lol.hopefully im in n out fast though.HOSPITAL woman. tchah ya it all goes well hun,take care love mort xx