Thursday, 11 June 2009

In a Turmoil

Hi again readers, I dont quite know why I am about to bare my soul to you, but I feel its something I have to do for my own sanity. A year after my husband died 11 years ago, I met a lovely man, he treated me like a princess, nothing was too much trouble, and I fell for him head over heels, we travelled, we had romantic nights in listening to soppy music, I adored his kids, we started a business together, him putting in the work and knowledge, and me putting in the finance. After 2 years, we had a profitable business, a gorgeous puppy and I thought my life was complete when he bought me a big rock and proposed. Then he got ill, I spent my time split between the hospital, my own full time job, and trying to run our business till he was well again, five months later he was, and resumed work, but with a lighter workload. Things progressed, we bought another vehicle and kitted it out for the mobile side of the business (generator, pressure washer, vacuum and all the paraphanalia required for a complete valeting unit. I now had outstanding loans of over 15K and the pressure of a demanding job, and he was once again at home most days. On that fateful Sunday he perked up and said he would run me to work for my late shift, that was the last time I ever saw him !!! when i left off at half past midnight there was no sign of him, no answer on the phone and I was starting to panic. I got a lift home, and as soon as I arrived I found the house had been emptied, every electrical appliance gone, my puppy gone, my jewellry gone, my car gone. I had asked him previously where the new van was, and he said it was in for servicing, I later found he had sold it together with all the equipment and stock. The next day (still in a state of shock, and having been given compassionate leave from work) the postman arrived. He brought 3 letters from my bank telling me that all accounts were to be closed and they had foreclosed on the loan, yes he had emptied both my accounts. Then I found that the cash I had been giving him to pay the rent had gone into his pocket too and I was facing eviction for £1800 rent arrears. I threw myself on the mercy of these people and worked out a feasable repayment scheme. I could have become a victim and just rolled over, but at the time I was so hurt, but more importantly so angry that i had to sort it out. it took me almost 6 years but I paid everything off and am now reasonably solvent again. So why am I getting this off my chest, because i got a phone call from his sister yesterday, telling me he had died !!!! so why do I just want to cry ???


  1. Hi Nina,

    What a story and no wonder you want to cry I do just reading it.

    Blimey for awhile it was a beautiful love story and then it became a horror story.

    You have done so very well to repair the financial damage.

    Think emotions take abit longer.

    Take care.


  2. You've worked very hard not to go under in the aftermath of what that man did to you. In spite of all that, there were emotions on your side. And I'm sorry for you.

  3. because you once loved him nina.even though he did the dirty on use keeping grudges,they eat into you like acid.take care,love mort xx

  4. Nina, I'm SO sorry for all you've been through, what a mess!! But you made a COMEBACK!! You are doing well for YOU, grieve if you must... You've survived much already, I know you'll be fine. My question is where was his sister with his whereabouts when you NEEDED that information??

  5. I can understand why you feel the way you do, he was part of your life, you share a lot and that cannot be forgotten. What comes around goes around so he got little pleasure in the end from what he did to you. Still, hold no grudges, just try and remember the good times and well done for getting yourself back together. Sending hugs your way.