Thursday, 3 June 2010


Happy June everyone, that is if anyone bothers to read this any more. Here I am another year older, having admitted to a birthday in late May, I am now a whole year older, and another year siller than before. Its been a constant stream of appointments finally got the new appointment for the MRI scan that I previously had missed, believe it or not, it was 10:30 am on Bank Holiday sunday. Still the parking situation was easy.

Went in on time, and had to lay flat on the trolley (i dont do laying flat, cos I cant breathe,) had to have a shield on my chest, so my stents didnt jump about, and some huge headphones, I was then shoved into the tunnel and exposed to the noise of 1000 jackhammers for 25 minutes while they scanned my neck. I had to force myself not to panic, I was having trouble breathing, the bed was agony on my spine, and i was so pleased when they rolled me out again, but by then I had seized solid and couldnt move at all. I sounds such a small procedure, but it seemed like a hard days work for me.

The previous week I was sent to Cardiology for an autonomic function test. This involved being wired up to an ECG machine while I did various tests which included blowing out for 15 seconds, five minutes at a time, with an ECG and blood pressure reading taken before, during and after, and squeezing a ball for different lengths of time for 9 minutes (harder than it sounds) Again I had a problem standing up after this silly little test, I felt sick and dizzy, not surprising as my blood pressure was by now down to 60/30. The technicians were not surprisingly quite concerned, and made me a cuppa and a packet of custard creams before allowing me to leave.

I got the results back from the consultant this morning, the tests show I do indeed have damage to the nerves that control heart rate and blood pressure, and this is also the cause of the gastric upsets and sweating I get after eating, anyway he says he will discuss this at my next appointment in July , but basically there is no treatment and the severity will increase with time.

Mum is doing well, she has had her last physio session and just has excercises to do at home. Her garden is looking good, tomatoes in the greenhouse, and we (I) have started digging the new potatoes from the garden, She is getting a dab hand at scooting herself round the garden in her wheelchair watering can or weedkiller at the ready lol. I started picking the Lily of the Valley in mid May, one of my favourite flowers, and so heavily perfumed, it cannot be reproduced synthetically. The strawberries are now making lovely fruits, and if this glorious weather continues, it wont be long before they are gracing our table too.

I had a lovely lunch and girlie natter with maudie today, first a chinese running buffet, then coffee in the garden by the river, I really must make the effort to get out more, but fear that my trips will have to be local, as I am not strong enough to travel as far as I would wish at the moment.

Anyway I hope everyone is as well as can be expected, keep smiling and be happy xxx


  1. omg.poor you hun.that MRI is you i hate being flat on back as i get acid reflux.sorry about all the ill health nina,it dont get any easier.i am still waiting to hear about my last test,but it did show damage had been done,we cant win.hope you had a good time with maud,sorry,i cant get cover for mum as easy as i want. take care love mort xxx

  2. That MRI sounded awful! I have had a few neuclear scans, on a narrow bed but never an MRI.
    I hope your health recovers some so that you can travel a bit further than at the moment.
    Good for your Mum! I can just picture her whizzing around with her watering can. lol
    Jeanie xxx

  3. I AM SO SORRY YOU ARE HAVING prolems. I am having a few myself but hoe they will never be as severe as thar.