Tuesday, 8 June 2010


We have a "posh" wedding coming up in July, so our mission this week was to find wedding finery for mum and myself. The corsages have already been ordered, mine is Ivory and mums is orange and yellow.

I was sent out on Saturday morning to do a recce of various ladies modes in the area and do a risk assessment on wheelchair access, floor space between rails etc. this is important, as one establishment we went in recently there was so little space that we ended up with allsorts attached to the wheelchair as we brushed past things in impossibly narrow spaces !!

We are fortunate enough to have in our village a ladies boutique (Big and Beautiful, sizes 14 to 36!!) so off we went on Monday to start our mission. First thing mum saw was a lovely greeny bronze silk 3 piece trouser suit. it really was exquisite with a price tag to match its raw silk quality.

The staff were excellent, allowing mum to try it on in the store room which had loads of room for manoeuvers . Unfortunately there was no room for mum to manoeuver into the suit, 3 years of sitting in a wheelchair have spread her derrierre somewhat, and no way was it going to fit. Meanwhile i had another wander round, and found a beautiful soft buttermilk jacket and teamed it up with a silky camisole and trousers, she tried it on and hummed and harred, it really did look lovely, but she was not convinced.

So back and dressed again we perused about another 100 outfits, but she said she could not get over the disappointment of her favourite not fitting so we would go and look elsewhere.

Installed mother in the car again and headed another 10 miles down the road. Here the ladies department was on the first floor, and the lift was the size of a portaloo !! The clothes were hideous, I had visions of mother turning up to the wedding in acid Lime green or popsicle pink definitely not on for a white haired octogenarian.

After a quick cuppa to calm frazzled nerves we decided to head for home, 100 yards from home mother said "that buttermilk suit you sorted out really was nice, I think I would like it after all"
for once I didnt argue, I almost did a handbrake turn in the middle of the road, went back to the first shop, ran in and bought it on the spot. Job done, now all I need to do is find something for me !!!

It is with regret that I have to report that Charlie, my punk rocker canary alas is no more. He passed away peacefully on Sunday at the grand age of 10+ years. The house is quiet without his cheerful singing, and I have already decided to replace him in the near future.

I went shopping for my outfit today, dodging the torrential thunderstorms. I was in and out in 5 minutes, outfit in the bag, plus a new "Up and At Em" bra that mother insisted I needed.

I still have to get new bag and sandals, but decided instead to stop off at the supermarket for a case of lager to celebrate instead, Happy days xxx

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  1. have a good time nina. at the wedding,not with the lager lol tc xx