Tuesday, 20 July 2010


This posh wedding is starting to affect my normal good humour. I have a hundred and one things to do, and really cannot afford to spend any more time on preparing for it ( its not as if anyone will be looking at frumpy old me anyway) but mum is now in overdrive. We had a trip out last week and bought feathery fascinaters (thats silly hat things for my male readers). Today I had to take mum to an out of town shopping centre because she needed a new lipstick.

We arrived at Boots the chemist, wheelchair in tow as usual, on a sweltering hot afternoon and the selection of make up was excellent. Mum picked a new foundation, and said she wanted a strawberry or raspberry shade of lippy for a change. I picked up a lovely one for me and shoved it in my basket, then tried helping her pick one, everything was either too pink, too purple, too frosted, apparently she wanted a matt lipstick. There must have been at least 500 shades and textures to chose from, but of course she couldnt find one she liked so she bought 2 packs of sticking plasters and decided she had had enough.

Driving home, she said "what i really want is a nice CORAL LIPSTICK !!!!!!! wonder if the courts are lenient in cases of matricide ? Dont get me wrong, I think its great that at 83 she is taking pride in her appearance, but I am so wishing I had the nerve to do what my sister in law did, she said she didnt like weddings and would not go lol.

Anyway I have ended up buying very fine loose linen cullotte trousers and a very pale pink polka dot tunic new shoes (thank goodness Brantano had a sale on) and a small leather handbag which is a totally inpractical size for all the junk I have to carry (blood testing kit, insulin, GTN spray, glucose, money, fags, keys etc etc. I also bought a lovely sheer wrap to cover my shoulders in case of snow !!!!!!!! Now mum seems to think we need a dress rehearsal so I can be tweaked, and to make sure my hat matches my top. Hairdresser is booked for Monday morning, and I still need to get my nails done. Maybe this was not the week to start decorating the lounge.

So far I have washed one wall, and matt is washing the ceiling, but he has decided to go visiting today, so I have a mop and a bucket of cold murky water sitting in the middle of the floor and no inclination to do anything, its just too hot. Still I expect to report that Lemon Fizz is the in colour, and it may be done by christmas.

Enough for now its gone 1 a.m. and I am hoping to fall into bed.

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